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United Way of Metropolitan Dallas

Project: A 90 year celebration in the form of design, print & installation

United Way of Metropolitan Dallas has been active in the Dallas Fort Worth area for over nine decades. Since 1924, they have been creating lasting change within the community, making North Texas the very best place to live, work and raise a family. To celebrate, United Way of Metropolitan Dallas (UWMD) threw a yearlong celebration that began with a series of high profile community service projects and closed out the celebration with the "Unite Forever Gala."

Gigantic Color was initially brought on to be a print and installation partner to UWMD but ended up bringing our in house design team on the project to design over fourteen unique pieces - from access passes and banners to large step and repeats.


Gigantic Color was provided one key stock photo that became the centerpiece for the design as well as 28 sponsors to include in some of the printed pieces. We set out to design and print a program that strayed from a traditional look and would serve as a "collector" piece that was used as a focal point for the dinner program.

We knew we would be receiving timely event information less than 48 hours prior to the event. Managing all aspects in house and keeping logistics e-signing and printing was critical as we knew for some pieces such as the directional and backstage/all access passes under 48 hours would be allotted to design and print in time for the events. It was important that we incorporated over 28 sponsors on some of the pieces.


Having print, design and installation handled all in house allowed us to collaborate on last minute edits without disrupting turn times and delivery in time for this gargantuan A-list event kick off, bringing it all together with one distinct look and seamless execution.


Relax, we'll take care of everything.