• File should be set-up at 100% of output size

• File should include a minimum 1/4″ bleed

• Files should be saved as a high resolution ‘.pdf’

• All images in file should be 300 DPI

• All photo based images must be CMYK

• It is preferred that file is set up in printer spreads.

This is the exact order in which the document will be printed. See example below • Files set up in reader spreads are acceptable but will require a set up fee to be quoted by your account rep. See example below

• The number of pages must be in multiples of 4. For example, 4, 8, 12, 16, 20, etc. If your document contains only 10 pages, two blank pages will need to be inserted for saddle stitching

• Pantones must be Pantone Solid Coated spot colors for matching