• File should be set up-up at 100% of output size

• A minimum 1/4″ bleed is required, however 1/2″ is preferred

• Do not use crop marks when indicating cuts for final product size. Include a full, neutral color (white or black) dieline with all relevant hash marks for sewing and finishing. The Dieline should sit 1/4″ outside of final product size as this accounts for trimming and stitching the edge. We ask for a full/solid dieline around the finished product due to variable shrinkage in the fabric.

• All blacks should be built at: C30, M30, Y30, K100

• Pantone colors must be Pantone Solid Coated spot colors for matching

• 150-300 DPI at final output size is optimal. For larger files, please contact your account representative for exact specifications

HowTo-SetUpDyeSublimationPrinting (1)

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